I teach Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus at Mid-Peninsula High School, a pretty special place. We work with a variety of students with different backgrounds and learning styles. There are many parts of Mid-Pen that stand out – our truly student centered approach, our close relationships that make the community a family, and the autonomy afforded our teachers. The 9:30 start time is pretty nice, and the variable credit policy, although it takes a bit to get used to, is one of the most effective tools I’ve experienced as an educator.

If you’re in the area (Menlo Park, CA), please come and visit!


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  1. You responded to a post from Robert Kapinsky a few years ago and talked about you use a rubric to grade the difference between your gen ed and honors pre calc students. Could you send me a copy of that? Thanks. Hillary Kalis in Griffin GA


    1. Hi,
      I based those rubrics on the CPM 6 point rubrics, but am in the process of revising those. Once I finish those revisions, I’ll be sure to post about them.
      The basic differences had to do with requiring the honors students to have greater attention to detail, more evidence of understanding the concepts, and how they tie to other areas of math. It isn’t enough for them to get the right answer – they have to justify their process.


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